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Quran Reading and Memorization - Camp Busy Bees

Camp Busy Bees is proud to say that it is operating in five locations throughout Chicagoland, serving over 350 campers per summer, and is now embarking on its seventh year of fun and enriching activities for Muslim children. And, we are free!

How did this begin and what is the secret to success? The secret is you! Because of an ever increasing need and desire for thorough Islamic learning in an engaging and educational atmosphere for our children, you gave camp busy bees a chance and made it what it is today! And you weren’t disappointed because the returning and increasing number of students that we get every summer is testament that this camp is unique and a very important part of our children’s upbringing!

Parents, teachers, campers, and onlookers alike all say the same thing- this camp is awesome and a must for each child! So, who really can say why it is what it is? No one person really, we are just thrilled to be able to serve the community in a meaningful and positive way; in a way that invests in our future Muslim community. So we can be rest assured knowing that we made a difference and pray that there is benefit for all who participate!

Here is what some say about our program:

"My dedication to Camp Busy Bees is because of the excellent structure and curriculum that you (the director) and your team have developed and continue to improve and expand every year. MashaAllah."

--Saima Mozaffar, Teacher, (AIA, Frankfort)

"I really enjoyed Camp Busy Bees.  Everything we learned was useable in our daily lives.  The teachers and volunteers worked hard to make sure we benefited as much as possible from the program.  I would definitely recommend this program.  This was an excellent experience which I will never forget."

--Taskeen Khan, Student, (MSI, Glendale Heights)

"This letter is to inform you how productive Camp Busy-Bee was for my daughter Safa Abdur Rehman.  Safa has been attending the camp for many years.  She and I look forward to it each year. 

Knowledge is provided in a beautiful manner that all ages benefit from.  The teachers are very nice and well experienced.

We are once again looking forward to this summer’s camp.  I also feel that the young youth needs to have a good strong muslim community that will grow with them.  Camp Busy-Bee I feel has that leadership that can guide many girls on the right path."

--Sameena  Abdur Rehman, Mother, (MSI, Glendale Heights)

"Alhamdulillah, I can honestly say that teaching at Camp Busy Bees has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me.  It has taught me perseverance, diligence, discipline, and most of all, it has taught me to cherish the meaningful relationships that are built each summer, during these few weeks.  It's a joyous feeling to bump into one of my campers outside the camp and have them delighted to see me and ask if I'll be teaching again in the summer!

Allah has granted me the honor to teach in this excellent environment where Muslimahs of various ages learn and grow together in a beautiful bond of sisterhood.  I also enjoy working with our awesome volunteers, without whom the Camp just wouldn't be the same!

Camp Busy Bees is the ideal program for girls during the summer when there are not many productive activities the girls could benefit from.  It's a great way to spend part of the summer; learning and socializing within a nurturing Islamic environment.

InshaAllah, I am excited to see old and new campers during Camp Busy Bees 2011!"

--Nosheen Cassim, Lead Teacher, (MSI, Glendale Heights)

I love volunteering at CBB and working with the children and the other volunteers. It's an awesome way to spend some of my summer break. From memorizing Dua's to doing fun filled activities, its all packed with fun and learning, and you make tons of new friends! I was a student at CBB from the first year it came to MSI Masjid, and since last year [summer 2010] I began volunteering, & loved every minute of it!"

--Haya Khan, Volunteer, (MSI Glendale Heights)

"I am a huge fan of Camp Busy Bee. My daughter Sara went for 2 years. And this year Insha-Allah I am looking forward to enroll my younger daughter Zaynab too. I was very impressed with the program and the entire staff. They were organized, professional, kind, respectful, nurturing and engaging. Overall it is an excellent program and a wonderful experience for my daughter. It gives her the opportunity to learn a variety of things in an Islamic environment. She thoroughly enjoyed the entire program and one of her favorite was the field trip to a food market and recycle store (going green).

It is indeed great having such a stress-free environment in which girls do not have to feel the pressure of performing to someone else’s standards. And may Allah bless you all for all your hard work and for having touched so many lives at Camp Busy Bee. See you again Insha-Allah at Camp Busy Bee 2011."

--Dilkash Rajapkar, Mother (MSI, Gendale Heights)

"I worked as a volunteer for Camp Busy Bees at MSI in the summer of 2009. Overall, volunteering for CBB was wonderful. Unlike my own experiences with summer youth programs as a child, I soon found that CBB was not the typical program aimed at simply preoccupying the child through long summer holidays. Rather, it was focused on stimulating their creativity, developing awareness of important world issues, cultivating a sense of sisterhood, and, most importantly, fostering their development in the deen in a fun environment. Their pattern of learning, growth, and enjoyment was clear: each day, the campers would welcome us with hugs, smiles, and excitement for the day ahead. During workshops, they would work extra hard to reach their daily goals. Some campers would begin camp knowing only a handful of surahs, but would leave with nearly all of juz amma memorized! Others would start off feeling shy, not knowing any of the other campers. Within just a few days, they would be seen laughing and chatting away with a whole new group of friends brought together by their identities as muslimahs. It is such examples that have made CBB a truly rewarding experience for me and have kept me coming back over the years. I would recommend CBB to any young Muslim girl."

--Fatima, Volunteer,  (MSI, Glendale Heights)

"When my daughter went to Camp Busy Bee, the teachers helped her memorize the Ad-thiyat, perform wudu, and pray properly. That was when she was five years old. She is nine now and still remembers it from then.  It has been a tremendous help for me as well as her."

--Anjum Malik, mother of Maryam Rahman, (Masjid Al-Huda, Schaumburg)

"Busy Bees is a great summer activity.  My daughter really enjoyed it because it taught her about Islam in fun and unique ways. She has memorable experiences from all the activities and field trips over the course. The environment was also very friendly, and the teachers were great with all the children.  Overall, this is a great opportunity for all kids since it teaches the kids while still having fun."

--Yasmeen Nizami, Mother (Masjid Al-Huda, Schaumburg)

"Camp Busy Bees is one of the great camps for kids over the summer. I look forward to sending my children to Camp Busy Bees. It is exciting for them to get together at the Masjid to see their friends and have fun while learning. Camp Busy Bees has a great volunteer staff and curriculum during the summer.  Quran Reading and Quran Memorization are essential at all times, and kids have fun learning about nature as well. I hope Camp Busy Bees keep continuing their activities for years to come. May Allah bless the volunteers for their time and effort for our children, Ameen."

--Asma Farooqui, Mother (ICC, Des Plaines)

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