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Camp Philosophy - Camp Busy Bees

Enroll your daughters for learning and fun this summer as “Camp Busy Bees” maximizes the Islamic and academic abilities of our children. This Day Camp is a three-week summer program that serves Muslim Youth entering grades 1st through 8th.  By popular demand, we are entering into our 11th summer of operation!

This summer’s focus will be “Nourishing Bodies”. 

Participants will become equipped with a strong sense of identity, an increased level of confidence, and an appreciation of Quranic knowledge. Students will come to realize that practical Islam can be fun and even more worthwhile than other popular or commercial ways of passing time.

Students will also memorize short chapters [surahs] of the Holy Quran. Memorizing prepares the brain for in-depth learning as well as incurs the blessings of Allah (SWT). Research has proven that rote memorization increases dendritic connections of the brain, which allows for more information to be stored. Just like a refrigerator that has many compartments holds more food; so does the mind retain information when it memorizes. Often, this increase in brain usage significantly impacts students’ performance in all subjects throughout varying academic settings.

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